Summer 2016

This blog was supposed to end last summer, but if I keep traveling for school …

This summer has no NEH seminar overseas or Mellon funded paleography seminar …. But it does have DHSI and rare book school ! 

DHSI is the annual summer institute for Digital Humanities. As it has now been three years since I graduated with my DH Masters, I am beginning to worry that my skills are getting rusty and I am missing out on new trends in the field. Therefore this summer will be devoted to catching up on digital humanities – rather than this English nonsense which my PhD will be in. 

And if I have to suffer by flying out to Victoria, Canada to attend the Digital Humanities Summer Institute – well, then, so be it.  Nobody said grad school didn’t involve suffering. 

Seattle resembles The Secret Garden

Suffering may be a relative term here. Stopped by Seattle to see some friends on the way out to Victoria. 

University of Washington Campus

Life is hard, and I will continue suffering for my work. On to Victoria!! 


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