So this is massively out of chronological order, and I will soon return to posting things in order (probably).

However, I am so excited to be in York! 2015-07-21 21.44.58I  am in York to participate in the Summer Institute at the University of York associated with the Archbishop’s Registers Revealed Project, and (clearly) very excited to be back in the city where I did my first M.A.

This city sort of resembles paradise for a medievalist (exaggeration? maybe – but probably not).

The city focuses around the largest Gothic cathedral north of the alps.

York Minster
York Minster

This – rather – pretty building was built on the site of the original Roman fortress.
2015-07-21 21.38.14

It’s loveliness kind of makes everything better.
2015-07-21 21.40.39-1

Plus outside the minster, there is this rather fantastic statue of the Roman emperor Constatine which never ceases to provide amusement. Constantine the pimp:
2015-07-21 21.33.47
Apparently he was in York when he started his (successful) quest to become emperor.

American students miss out when we do not normally have the experience of having class in a building called “King’s Manor”. Apparently the north of England used to be ruled out of this building – where I used to have classes as an M.A. student.
2015-07-21 21.49.09
2015-07-21 21.46.24

ok, so, perhaps this trip is a tad nostalgia inducing, but one new experience: dinner in Heslington Hall.
2015-07-20 19.07.24

2015-07-20 21.34.21
Heslington Hall

This Elizabethan hall, with rather elaborate ceilings, forms part of the administrative buildings at the University of York – and was a rather excellent place to have a welcome banquet.


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